Our Story

We started Savannah River Clothing Co. with one goal in mind: to make a difference. Growing up in South Georgia, most of our time was spent on or near the beach. Although we have been fortunate enough to experience the beauty our oceans and beaches have to offer, we have also witnessed the impact of human pollution firsthand. We have always collected the bits of trash we see in the water and on the sand, but while the gesture is grand, the impact is small. We believed that independently it would be difficult to create a large enough impact, so we began to think about what we could achieve by working together.

Our Partners

In order to make the largest impact possible we are Certified One Pound Partners with 4Ocean, meaning for every single item we sell, we provide the funding for 4Ocean’s crews to Remove One Pound of Debris from Oceans and Coastlines around the world. Through this partnership, we will fund the removal of hundreds of thousands of pounds of trash from our Oceans and Coastlines every single year.